Finnish National Gallery’s Archive Collections and Library at the Ateneum will be closed from 16 June to 14 August 2017, and at Kiasma from 18 June to 31 July 2017. The Kiasma Library will nevertheless be open for visitors from 18 to 29 July 2017, but the research services will not be available during that period.

Visitors to the archive are asked to make an appointment in advance.

FAQ on Finnish National Gallery archive and library (PDF)

Picture Collections

This is the most extensive image collection in Finland on Finnish art and artists. Rights to use images for publication and research and for other purposes are all granted by the picture collections administration.

The collection is augmented by the National Gallery’s own documentary services and by donations from private individuals and organisations.

The core of the collection comprises more than half a million original photographic negatives, most of them of works of art. The collection also includes printed images, invitations and posters, as well as other visual material relating to artists and the art world. The oldest photographs in the collection were originally acquired by the Finnish Art Society in the 1860s.

Gallery shoots by the National Gallery’s Archive Collections and Photography Department record the work of about 50 contemporary artists annually.

Document Archive

Private papers, documents and collections relating to Finnish art from the beginning of the 19th century to the present: archives of artists, associations, art institutions and other bodies.

The Document Archive preserves private papers relating to Finnish art and the history of the National Gallery: archives and documents relating to artists, artist groups, museum workers, associations and art institutions as well as collections acquired in documentation projects.

The archive collection is growing constantly. Accessions are mostly in the form of donations and as a result of documentation. Art historical documents can be consulted for research purposes, by appointment, in the Reading Room. The use of some materials is subject to limitations.

Reference information concerning the documents can be accessed via the public interface of the Karkki database (in Finnish). The entire database is available for researchers in the Reading Room of the Archive.

Some of the material in the Archive Collection is digitised and accessible online or on archive premises.

Press Cutting Collection

Press cuttings and scrapbooks on press articles about Finnish art and artists, from the 1890s to 2012.

The oldest section of the collection consists of press cuttings collected by J. J. Tikkanen, secretary of the Finnish Art Society. The cuttings in the scrapbooks from 1897 to 1980 and loose cuttings about individual artists from 1981 to 1999 are microfilmed for research.

Microfiche index cards that facilitate browsing cover the press cuttings relating to individual artists from 1897 to 1980, cuttings with keywords referring to individual critics cover the years 1897–1971. Microfiche of press cuttings about artists covering the years 1981–1999 are alphabetically indexed by last name.

Artist-specific cuttings from 2000 to 2012 are kept in folders. Other loose cuttings with keywords are organised into folders by subject. In addition to cuttings, the archive also has a card index of art events from 1891 to 1896.

Audiovisual Archive

Archive of video documentation and sound recordings on art.

Maintained by the Archive Collections, the archive comprises audiovisual materials for research use. The archive consists of a sound archive and a video archive.

Audiovisual material is catalogued in a database that has over 4,000 records. The archive has a tape copy of all its records. Viewing copies of some of the records are also available for viewing in archive premises. There are approximately 700 sound recordings in the database.