Finnish National Gallery’s Archive Collections and Library at the Ateneum will be closed from 16 June to 14 August 2017, and at Kiasma from 18 June to 31 July 2017. The Kiasma Library will nevertheless be open for visitors from 18 to 29 July 2017, but the research services will not be available during that period.

The library of the Finnish National Gallery is the largest library in Finland specialising in art. The library operates in two locations. The Kiasma Library has material on contemporary art dating from the 1960s onwards. The Ateneum Research Library focuses on Finnish art history. The Sinebrychoff Library can be accessed in the Ateneum Research Library by appointment. Its collection includes literature on old international art.

FAQ on Finnish National Gallery archive and library (PDF)
Kirjav@ – Central database of the Finnish National Gallery Library
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Kiasma Library

The library specialises in contemporary art. Its collection is developed so as to support the museum’s exhibition and collection operations. Key collection areas include Finnish contemporary art, the latest international trends in contemporary art and associated theoretical literature, artists represented in Kiasma collections, and art periodicals. There are also iPads for visitors that provide easy access to information on exhibitions in Kiasma and material on works in the museum’s collections. The iPads also give access to the comprehensive digital materials of the Finnish National Gallery and to select materials from its audiovisual archive.

The Kiasma Library can be visited during opening hours in conjunction with a visit to the museum, or by advance appointment. Because of the limited number of research stations in the library, we recommend that researchers book a station in advance. For extensive information needs you must reserve time from our information services. Appointments and enquiries: library(at)

Kiasma Library has also a microfiche reader for browsing press clippings on artists from 1897 to 1999. Materials in the AV archive can be accessed in the Kiasma Library through the Avokaado database. Appointments and enquiries: research(at)

Kiasma Library opening hours:

Tue 10-17
Wed 10–20
Thu 10–17
Fri 10–17 (except first Friday of every month 10–20)
Sat 10–17

The library maintains a Virtual Library of Contemporary Art (in Finnish), which contains many useful links for everyone with an interest in contemporary art.

Ateneum and Sinebrychoff Research Libraries

The Ateneum Research Library is the oldest part of the Library of the Finnish National Gallery. Its collections have grown since the Ateneum building was completed in 1889. The library supports research on artworks in the collections of the Ateneum Art Museum and Finnish art in general. Its database also contains literature on art conservation. The Sinebrychoff Research Library is part of the Finnish National Gallery Library. Its materials can be accessed by appointment in the Ateneum Research Library. The resources of the Sinebrychoff Library relate to Fanny and Paul Sinebrychoff’s home museum, its art collection and exhibitions.

Visitors to the Ateneum Research Library are asked to make an appointment in advance. The Ateneum Research Library serves customers by appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, generally from 9.00 to 16.00. Appointments and enquiries: library(at)

The library maintains a Bibliography of Visual Art in Finland, which contains reference information about Finnish art literature.