The purpose of the Finnish State Art Commission is to acquire works of art for Government properties and buildings in Government use, and to attend to the management of its Art Collection. The commission was established in 1956. Works were commissioned directly from artists and acquired through competitions and purchases. Decisions on acquisition are made by a committee consisting of a chairperson, a vice chairperson and six members.

The Finnish State Art Deposit Collection is one of the largest art collections in Finland, containing approximately 13,600 works from different areas of art. The guiding principle of the commission has always been to acquire contemporary art, the most recent and topical works. Public commissions are a key aspect of the collection.

The Collection of Finnish State Art Commission Online

State Art Commission 2014–2016

Chair: Jari Auer, architect

Veli Granö, photographer
Siukku Nurminen, conservator
Susanne Gottberg, visual artist
Krister Gråhn, visual artist, sculptor
Tatu Tuominen, visual artist
Merja Puustinen, visual artist, media artist
Outi Turpeinen, visual artist and designer
Secretary: Erika Hyyryläinen, art secretary