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Photographic service

The Photographic service grants rights to use copyrighted photographs of works of art and of archival materials in the collections of the Finnish National Gallery. The Photographic service provides images of works of art in the collections of the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, and of material in the Finnish National Gallery’s archive collections, as well as images of exhibitions.

You can search for works in our collection using the collection search on the homepage of our website. The permitted uses of the images depend on whether the images are copyrighted or whether their copyright term has expired. Read more about copyright.

  • Copyright-free images of works of art are labelled with the “public domain” mark.

  • Copyrighted images are accompanied by a copyright notice.

  • When using the images, provide source information for them.

You can explore the images and the databases of the image archive in more depth at the Ateneum research library. Enquiries: kuvakokoelmat(at) .

You can purchase copyrighted images through the Photographic service

On the Finnish National Gallery website, the images of works are typically in JPG format. The Photographic service delivers high-resolution images for printing and other uses. A fee is charged for the use of copyrighted images. Enquiries regarding the fees: kuvakokoelmat(at) .

The Finnish National Gallery and the customer make an agreement regarding the use of images.

The images ordered are delivered as links to digital files. Order images by email: kuvakokoelmat(at)

When ordering images, provide the following information:

Customer information:

  • Company name

  • Customer name

  • PO box or mailing address

  • Postcode and city

Invoicing details:

  • Payment method

  • Company name

  • Customer name

  • Business ID if the customer is a company

  • PO box or mailing address

  • Postcode and city

  • Intermediator ID

  • E-invoicing address

  • Reference number (optional)

  • Email address

Details of the image ordered:

  • Artist

  • Title of the work

  • Accession number

  • Date created

  • Main category

  • Measurements

  • Holding organisation

  • Image copyright

  • Use of the image

  • Number of copies

  • Language versions, if applicable

Order images by email: kuvakokoelmat(at)

In the case of photographs of works of art, copyright is granted to both the artist and the photographer.

  • Copyright in a work of art lasts for 70 years after the end of the year in which the artist died.

  • In the case of a photograph, copyright is protected for 50 years from the time the photograph is taken. Read more about the copyright of photographs of works of art.

The fee paid to the Finnish National Gallery for the use of an image covers the copyright fee paid to the photographer. The fee is determined by the use of the image. Check the size of fee from our price list. The fee paid to the Finnish National Gallery for the use of an image does not cover the copyright fee paid to the artist, if applicable. In the case of an artist’s copyrighted works, the customer is also liable to pay copyright fees to the holders of copyright in the artist’s works. The copyright holders can be

Kuvasto grants licenses rights to use images on behalf of the copyright holders it represents. The Kuvasto website includes a list of artists and artists’ estates that have an agreement with the society. The Photographic service provides contact information for those copyright holders who do not have an agreement with Kuvasto.

Press images of current exhibitions are available from our press service

For press images of current exhibitions, contact our press service. To request exhibition images that are used for purposes other than current communications, contact the Photographic service.

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