The right to use photographs for publication, research and other purposes is granted by the Finnish National Gallery’s Picture Collections.

You can order photographs of works of art from the collections of the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum and, with certain restrictions, from the Finnish National Gallery’s Archive Collection.

Works in the collections of the Ateneum, Kiasma and Sinebrychoff art museums can be accessed via the Art Collections online service. For more extensive access to photographs in the picture archives and the databases, you must visit the Finnish National Gallery’s Archive Collection premises in person. Please note that all visits must be pre-arranged.

Images are delivered as links to downloadable files. The use of the images is subject to the terms and conditions of a reproduction commitment made between the customer and the Finnish National Gallery’s Picture Collections. The Finnish National Gallery charges a usage fee for photographs.

The use of all images must be accompanied by at least the following information: name of artist, name of artwork, date of artwork, special collection, Finnish National Gallery / museum and Finnish National Gallery / name of photographer.

Please send inquiries and orders by e-mail to picturecollections(at) When ordering images, please provide precise information about the image that you need, the purpose of its use, print run and language versions.

Copyright on Photographs of Works of Art

In the case of photographs of works of art, both the artist and the photographer are copyright holders. The copyright protection of a work of art lasts for 70 years after the artist’s death, and the copyright protection of a photograph lasts for 50 years from the year the photograph was taken. The reproduction fee paid to the Finnish National Gallery covers the copyright fee to the photographer. In addition, the customer is liable for any copyright fees obligated to the holders of the artist’s copyright unless the copyright protection for the work of art has expired. The copyright holder of a work of art may be the artist, the artist’s estate or Kuvasto ry, the Finnish Visual Artists’ Copyright Association, which also grants licences for works whose copyright holders it represents. Kuvasto maintains a list online of artists and artist estates that hold an agreement of representation with the association. The Finnish National Gallery´s Photographic Service has contact information for some copyright holders who do not hold an agreement with Kuvasto.

Press images of current exhibitions can be found on the respective museum’s websites. All images used for any purpose other than current communication must always be ordered from the Finnish National Gallery´s Picture Collections.

The Finnish National Gallery has freed nearly 12 000 images licensed with the CC0 licence

Images marked  can be freely used by anyone. They can be shared, modified and used in any context, including teaching, research, and commercial purposes, for example. These images are free to be used because the copyright (70 full calendar years after the death of the artist) has expired.

The images are files of low resolution.

High resolution images of art works are available at website:

The other images for printing use can be order from Photographic Service.