1974, Lappeenranta (kaupunki)

Mist, 2009

  • Kesto: 5 min 51 s
  • purchase, N-2010-13
  • Owner: Suomen valtio
Photo: Finnish National Gallery
Kansallisgalleria / Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma


Mist was inspired by a piece of news about how the decrease in air pollution is causing a decrease in fog. This, in turn, contributes to global warming. Will the misty landscapes we know from the history of art become mere history? In her work, Haikala constructs and experiences a misty landscape of her own. Dressed in a white T-shirt, the artist is standing facing the camera, while spray bottles squirt water on her, gradually soaking her hair, face and T-shirt. This is Haikala’s tribute to the misty landscapes of the old masters.



  • 26.3.201020.2.2011
    Järjestetty juttu / Uppgjort i förväg / It’s a Set-up Kokoelmanäyttely, Kiasma, 26.3.2010-20.2.2011