Not on display
Kansallisgalleria / Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma
1984, Pälkäne

Blue, 2011

  • 285 × 285 × 7 cm, acrylic, ink
  • purchase, N-2012-49
  • Owner: Suomen valtio
Photo: Finnish National Gallery
Kansallisgalleria / Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma


There are reflections of light painted on the surface of this large blue painting. The work was inspired by the desktop wallpaper of an old Mac Mini computer. However, ordinary desktop icons are replaced by the artist’s own jewellery: necklaces and earrings. Heikkilä’s paintings often contain subtle allusions to consumer culture, commerce and communication. They can feature such motifs as credit cards or bills. The smaller, black-and-white painting is a depiction of the 16:9 television aspect ratio.



  • Kiasma Hits, 27.9.2013 - 7.9.2014, Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma / Museum of Contemporary art Kiasma