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Accessibility and Privacy Policies


Accessibility means that a public authority or other public digital service provider as defined by the Digital Services Act must be built on certain principles. The purpose is to have a web service is accessible or easy to use for all people is available with a variety of devices and assistive technologies.

For more information on accessibility on our pages, see our accessibility statement.

Privacy Policy

The Finnish National Gallery was established to strengthen the significance of art in society (Finnish National Gallery Act 889/2013, section 1). The task of the gallery is to take care of and to expand the national art collection, to organise exhibitions and other art museum activities, and to participate in the development of the museum field. While carrying out its tasks, the Finnish National Gallery shall strengthen the societal impact of the visual arts (Finnish National Gallery Act, section 2).

The Finnish National Gallery comprises the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, the joint Collections Management Department, the Finance and Administration Department, and the Finnish State Art Commission.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Finnish National Gallery processes personal data. Our operations are governed by article 6 (1) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. Personal data is any information that can be linked to an identifiable person.

The Finnish National Gallery Privacy Policy document explains how we process and protect personal data. The Finnish National Gallery Cookie Policy document explains the use of cookies in our online services.

By disclosing personal data to the Finnish National Gallery, which comprises the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, a joint collections management department, a finance and administration department, and the Finnish State Art Commission, you accept the practices outlined in this privacy policy.

Anyone has the legal right to inspect the data collected on them. People also have the right to request that incorrect, incomplete, unnecessary or outdated personal data be rectified or erased. Instructions on how to inspect your personal data, and have it rectified or erased, can be found in the this privacy policy. You can find links to the relevant forms below.

Cookie Policy at the Finnish National Gallery (pdf)
This policy tells how our our website uses cookies.
The Finnish National Gallery's Privacy Policy (pdf)
Practices for processing personal data at the Finnish National Gallery explained.
Request to Inspect Personal Data
Use this form to request to inspect your data on our files.
Request to Rectify Personal Data (pdf)
Use this form to request the Finnish National Gallery to rectify your data in our files.

Photo: Kansallisgalleria / Jenni Nurminen

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