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Aino Myth is like a Cartoon from the 19th Century

Akseli Gallen-Kallelas (1865–1931) triptych is a depiction of Kalevala's story of Aino and Väinämöinen in three parts. The first part of the story is on the left and second on the right panel. The last part is in the middle panel.

The Sad Fate of a Young Woman

Aino became a popular theme in art towards the end of the 19th century and later. She was promised as bride to Väinämöinen. Aino objects and flees her home. At the lake shore she removes all her jewellery and clothes and joins the realm of the water nymphs.

Aino in Art is like the Finnish Venus

Among artists, Aino naked at the water's edge is the part of the story chosen most frequently as a subject. Many interpretations are reminiscent of the Venus and water nymph themes popular throughout the history of art.
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