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Have a Taste of Outi Heiskanen Exhibition at Ateneum!

Outi Heiskanen’s retrospective exhibition brings together different facets of her diverse and multidisciplinary art. 

Click this link to access the online gallery, change language to English when you get there!

Sampo was a Magic Mill that Produced Riches

Ilmarinen the Smith sought as his bride the daughter of the mistress of Pohjola. Ilmarinen used simple materials to devise a magic mill that would yield its owner good fortune, riches and power for ever as a gift for his intended's mother.

Väinämöinen is one of Kalevala's heroes

Väinämöinen is the hero of many poems in the Finnish epic Kalevala. He is born as an old man of the goddess Ilmatar. He won many battles with mystical creatures such as Iku-Turso on his adventures.