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Have a taste of Ateneum's Modern Woman -exhibition!

Modern Woman opens on February 11th 2022. The exhibition shows art works from Finnish woman artists Helene Schjerfbeck, Sigrid Schauman, Ellen Thesleff, Elga Sesemann, Hilda Flodin, Sigrid af Forselles, Gunvor Grönvik, Eila Hiltunen, Lea Ignatius, Helmi Kuusi, Laila Pullinen and Essi Renvall. 

See a selection of their art works at our web gallery!

Väinämöinen is a sage

After his birth, Väinämöinen begins to help his mother Ilmatar, who gave birth to the world, in creating the world. He finds out one can cultivate the land by clearing and burning woods and creates the first boat and kantele. Väinämöinen is able to return alive from Tuonela, the kingdom of death.

Väinämöinen is one of Kalevala's heroes

Väinämöinen is the hero of many poems in the Finnish epic Kalevala. He is born as an old man of the goddess Ilmatar. He won many battles with mystical creatures such as Iku-Turso on his adventures.