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Have a taste of Ateneum's Modern Woman -exhibition!

Modern Woman opens on February 11th 2022. The exhibition shows art works from Finnish woman artists Helene Schjerfbeck, Sigrid Schauman, Ellen Thesleff, Elga Sesemann, Hilda Flodin, Sigrid af Forselles, Gunvor Grönvik, Eila Hiltunen, Lea Ignatius, Helmi Kuusi, Laila Pullinen and Essi Renvall. 

See a selection of their art works at our web gallery!

The Kalevala Tells of Many Heroic Battles

Here Väinämöinen and Louhi, mistress of Pohjola, engage in a furious struggle for ownership of the Sampo, the magic mill of good fortune and riches. The hero characters of the Kalevala are expected to perform great and amazing deeds. The women are the cause of or reward for the heroic deeds.

Daughters of the North were supernaturally beautiful

Here Väinämöinen is playing the Kantele. Among the listeners are the daughters of Pohjola's mistress Louhi. They are sitting on the rainbow. Louhi’s daughters were supernaturally beautiful and therefore many of the heroes of the Kalevala were interested in them.